Yoga Teacher Training Course 2015

"My experience with Spirit Body Yoga was truly magical. I am forever grateful for all the knowledge I gained in the course, and the joy it brought into my life. The head instructor provided all of us with the perfect atmosphere to really grow as a yogi, teacher, and in so many personal aspects in my life. I have left a more well rounded individual filled with bliss, and a deeper passion for yoga & the transformation power it holds…" SARAH F

"Nora creates a supportive environment that fosters physical growth and mental expansion. I encourage all to seek a small group training like this one…" REBECCA W

"Nora taught me how to incorporate yoga more holistically throughout my everyday life and helped me to deepen my own personal practice. Her teaching style was experienced and approachable, and she nurtures the knowledge in her students…" JACOB S

"Attending this YTTC was a big decision for me, and I did not regret it when I came to Spirit Body Yoga and met all the beautiful people and experienced teachers. It was a lovely atmosphere, professional but yet personal, and a wonderful place to start my journey towards becoming a yoga teacher. I can highly recommend this teacher training for anyone who is interested in being a Hatha Yoga/Sivananda Yoga teacher..." CECILIE L

"It was an amazing experience, we became a yoga family at the end! Ibiza, our house like an ashram on the sea shore, people from all over the world, fantastic food, amazing teachers, it was deeper than just a teacher training, highly recommended!…" KAAMINI P

Yoga Teacher Training Course 2014

"It has really been a magnificent experience that I feel honored to have had. I was reminded of the value of coming into my own power and a certain pride that includes humbleness! It has helped me to grow a little more. I recommend this course whether for personal or professional motives; it is a grand immersion into Yoga, a magnificent 'take off' point." ... Maria

"This course has been one of the most beneficial things I’ve done in my life. I signed up looking for a healthy hobby, and I wasn't mistaken. I've always felt an inner spiritual calling … and this course has made me more conscious and more anchored. Nora is a great teacher, but most of all a great person. I felt welcomed, held and very inspired by her experience and professional qualities. What can I say about a group of 8 women who totally connected? What an amazing sensation of union with each other and beyond, and within. Because Yoga is union, right? Well I think we achieved it! With much love, Beatriz"

"It has been an unforgettable experience I feel fortunate to have had, and I will always hold it in my heart" ...Carolina

"…The course was led in an atmosphere of trust and safety. The individual as well as the group treatment was good; the leaders know how to bring out the best in a person….My vision of Yoga, and then my experience of Yoga was amplified. The workshops (Anatomy, Pregnancy, Chakras, Raja Yoga, etc) were top quality." ... Belen

Yoga Teacher Training Course 2012

"I cannot recommend this immersion highly enough – authentic and real – practical and grounded, whilst enabling us to reach for higher experiences through deepening our awareness and understanding of the many layers of Yogic science. Wow!" ... Larah

"The teaching was well-structured and from the heart. A wonderful sharing of a life-time’s accumulation of knowledge and experience ... An incredible month of self-exploration, healing, growth and development. A present to myself that I will treasure forever and keep returning to for nourishmen ... I recommend this course with all my heart to anyone with a heart for yoga!" ... Gemma

"I loved your course and I feel I have benefitted massively. My daily practice is minimum an hour and I feel it has deepened a lot!!…I found the Sutra teachings have really helped me a lot in my personal transformation. Overall I would highly recommend doing this course." ... Georgina

Silence and Presence Workshops:

MAUNA: "The tranquility that silence gives allows one’s vision to open. I found myself by the sea and suddenly I felt overwhelmed and brought to tears."

DARSHAN: "Gazing into the eyes of my colleagues, my brothers and sisters on the path; its sweetness and clarity reminds me of the words of Papaji: 'The purpose of life is to be at peace, to love all beings and to know your Self.'"